Francesco Rosselli, Universale, 1508, RMG

Sanford Biggers, Quilt #21 (Yemoja), 2013

Tommy Watson, Pirurpa Kalarintja, 2010


“Treviso Contemporanea” is the fruit of a collaboration between Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche and Fondazione Imago Mundi to jointly develop cultural projects with an international perspective for the city they call home.

With this intention, “Treviso Contemporanea” gives life to an exploration of our time by combining visions from the future and the past and aiming to offer a contemporary perspective on the world around us; not only looking at the past through the eyes of today, but rather articulating those relationships, filiations and ruptures that take place between eras, interweaving and connecting times and spaces.

By developing an itinerary that incorporates the exhibition spaces of both Foundations (Ca’ Scarpa, Gallerie delle Prigioni, San Teonisto), “Treviso Contemporanea” aligns their activities and draws on their individual characteristics to create a flexible network – open to other local cultural bodies – which becomes an observatory of art forms and research themes from different disciplines and cultures.

The inaugural project from “Treviso Contemporanea” is a focus on the theme of maps intended as tools that help place us in the physical space and interpret the increasingly complex, global and incessantly connected scenario within which we move today.

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Matt Mullican, Untitled (Signs), 2013 (1987)

Sanford Biggers, Quilt #21 (Yemoja), 2013

Matt Mullican, Unititled (Centered Overall Chart), 2021

Otobong Nkanga, In Pursuit of Bling: The Discovery, 2014

Otobong Nkanga, Infinite Yield, 2015

Temporary Atlas Cartographies of the Self in the Art of Today

Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso
Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti
Organised by
Fondazione Imago Mundi
From 5th February to 29th May 2022

We know that there are two maps – one that is objectively driven and one that is individually perceived. Equally, there are cartographers-explorers and cartographers-artists. If one understands the link between reality and representation, as it exists within a work of art, it becomes clear that what is perceived as immediate is actually the relationship between experience and the means of depiction. On show: Oliver Laric, Jeremy Deller, Paul Maheke, Matt Mullican, James Lewis, Kiki Smith, Walid Raad, Ibrahim Mahama, Otobong Nkanga, Rochelle Goldberg, Seymour Chwast, Enam Gbewonyo, Sanford Biggers and Sarah Entwistle.

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Francesco Rosselli, Universale, 1508, RMG

Elisha ben Abraham Cresques, Atlas catalan, 1375, BNF, part.

Mappamondo di Fra Mauro, 1459 circa, BNM

Honil kangni yŏktae kukto chi to [Kangnido], metà secolo XVI, Shimabara

Mind the Map! Drawing the world from the 11th to the 21st century

Ca’ Scarpa, Treviso
Curated by Massimo Rossi
Organised by
Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
From 5th February to 29th May 2022

Divided into three sections, the exhibition considers globes of all ages and origins as expressions of social conventions that have imposed boundaries, decreed orientation to the south, north or east, reified abstract concepts of power and dominion, vehemently asserted a place in the world or conveyed intense emotions of fragility and beauty.
From the mappae mundi found in thirteenth-century prayer books, to the extraordinary cartographic constructions of the world of ocean trade, and from contemporary geographical carpets to Google’s map of the world, the exhibition offers a reflection on the dynamics of constructing the image of the world with which we deal on a daily basis.
“Mind the Map!” illustrates the bold human intellectual attempt to draw the earth’s surface and to see it all together in a single graphic representation. It invites us to pay close attention to the map, to all maps, which are often mistakenly used as substitutes for reality in an unconcerned and unthinking manner. Paying attention to them means entering worlds with their autonomous and multi-faceted complexity.

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Nyurapaya Nampitjimpa (Mrs Bennet), Untitled, 2010

Paddy Bedford, Donkey Spring, 2004

Rover Thomas, Waringari (Meeting-Place), 1996

Tommy Watson, Pirurpa Kalarintja, 2010

Wingu Tingima, Wallawuru Tjukurra, 2007

Regina Wilson, Wyaw, 2004

Terra Incognita Inclusiveness is a good way

San Teonisto church, Treviso
Curated by D Harding
Organised by
Fondazione Imago Mundi
From 5th February to 29th May 2022

The Australian Aboriginal art collection, part of the Luciano Benetton Collection, is acknowledged as seeking to acquire insight into the artistic, cultural, and social lives of prominent artists and communities making what is understood in Australia as Aboriginal Art. The exhibition offers visitors a large installation of over two hundred painted canvases, creating a vibrant landscape of colours, to be observed from above and from a certain distance, as befits sacred spaces and places that are approached with respect.

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Exhibition Venues

Gallerie delle Prigioni

Piazza del Duomo, 20, Treviso

Gallerie delle Prigioni is the exhibition space of Fondazione Imago Mundi and was inaugurated in April 2018. A former Hapsburg prison, the subject of a conservative restoration by the architect Tobia Scarpa, Gallerie is an experimental platform around art, hosting exhibitions, talks, international events and educational workshops.

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Ca’ Scarpa

Via Antonio Canova, 11, Treviso

Ca’ Scarpa, the former church of Santa Maria Nova in Treviso, opened to the public at the end of 2020. Latterly used as a storage space and an archive, it was restored by the architect Tobia Scarpa, and today is an exhibition space that brings together the old and the new with great sensitivity. It is a vibrant centre for initiatives which, in the orbit of Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, draw on the legacy of Carlo and Tobia Scarpa.

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San Teonisto church

Via San Nicolò, 31, Treviso

A building with a troubled history, the former church of San Teonisto in Treviso is a Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche space dedicated to cultural activities. The skilful restoration by the architect Tobia Scarpa, completed at the end of 2017, made this a flexible venue, capable of meeting a variety of functional needs, thanks to a system of foldaway stands.

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Gallerie delle Prigioni
Piazza del Duomo, 20
31100 Treviso


Ca’ Scarpa
Via Antonio Canova, 11
31100 Treviso


Chiesa di San Teonisto
Via San Nicolò, 31
31100 Treviso

Opening Hours and Tickets

From Saturday 5 February to Sunday 29 May
Friday from 3pm to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm


Full price 10€

3 exhibitions

Reduced price 8€

under 26 – over 65, members of TCI and FAI by showing the card, groups (from 10 people)

Free admission

children below 6, journalists by showing the card, caregiver accompanying a visitor with a disability, person accompanying groups and school groups

School groups with teachers 6€

Family ticket 18€

from 3 people

The ticket includes admission to all the exhibitions of Treviso Contemporanea and is valid until the closing date.

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